Silicon scaling to perpetuate Moore’s law is extending down to the 7 nm node. As such, processes used to create layers of microscopic metal interconnections are posing increased yield challenges for damascene applications that rely on costly vapor-phase deposition technology.

aveni’s technology is ideal for this application, as it enables uniform film deposition over complex topographies.

Proof point: Our metallization technology is currently in the qualification phase for dual-damascene processes at the 10 nm node at multiple leading worldwide logic manufacturers.

aveni’s suite of products includes:

  • eG Fill – Used to metallize <10 nm node damascene structures with better yield and reliability than conventional plating methods, and also offers the capability to remove extra liners such as cobalt or ruthenium.
  • eG Seed – Enables ultra-thin, conformal Cu seed layer deposition in the 2 to 10 nm range.