MEMS and Sensors

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors provide the magic that makes today’s computing devices smart. MEMS consist of tiny mechanical devices such as gears, mirrors and valves, as well as sensors, actuators and integrated circuits. Without MEMS and sensors, we would not have smartphones, smart homes and wearable fitness trackers, as well as a host of industrial and medical devices that require the functionality provided by MEMS and sensors.

MEMS manufacturing is becoming cost sensitive as the market matures and devices become commoditized. However, performance requirements continue to increase, prompting a transition from wire bonding to 3D TSVs for integration, to enabling smaller, higher-density devices. Current physical vapor deposition metallization processes are challenged to metallize TSVs beyond 8:1 aspect ratio. Additionally, cost factors limit fundamental TSV design rules.

aveni’s wet chemistry deposition techniques result in nanometric films that grow and bind to the substrate with superior quality, making 3D TSVs at 40:1 aspect ratios a reality. With aveni, you get next-generation process capability at a competitive cost. aveni enables the future of MEMS.