Vincent Mevellec, PhD

Sr. Director, Technology/R&D

Vincent joined aveni in 2007 as a research engineer, after holding a similar position at CEA Saclay, and was named aveni’s director of microelectronics research and development in 2008. In this role, he is responsible for continuous improvement of aveni’s existing IP portfolio in the field of microelectronics, especially 3-D copper interconnects, flex metallization and dual damascene. He also leads research into new product design and new solutions for those applications and TSVs, as well as research into new markets and applications for aveni’s existing technologies.

During his tenure at CEA, Vincent has worked on surface modifications such as polymer grafting and nanocoatings deposition, inventing the Graftfast technology for grafting polymer in aqueous phase on any type of conducting or insulating substrate.

Vincent earned a Ph.D. in nanochemistry and an engineering degree in organic chemistry from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes. He is the primary inventor on 13 patents in the field of nanocoatings.