Why aveni?

aveni enables future technologies with our innovative metallization processes that improve device performance and yield, today. Traditional, expensive vacuum-based vapor-phase processes like physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and electrochemical deposition (ECD) have reached their limits of capability, and the industry needs a path to cost-effectively meet future feature requirements, today.

We overcome the roadblocks of traditional deposition technology for damascene and TSV metallization with processes that revolutionize the copper plating process. In fact, aveni is the only company in the industry able to support damascene and TSV manufacturing at 10 nm and below using industry-standard processing equipment to maximize performance and yield.

aveni Is Production-Ready

aveni’s Electrografting and Chemicalgrafting processes have gone beyond R&D and are proven for manufacturing environments for a variety of applications requiring low-cost, high-quality nanometric films. Leading-edge device manufacturers worldwide have recognized aveni’s novel metallization technologies, acknowledging it as manufacturing-ready for damascene and advanced microelectronic substrates. Additionally, it has been named best-known method for TSV manufacturing.

Realize the Future of Metallization Technology Today

By design, aveni’s proprietary Electrografting and Chemicalgrafting processes ensure metallization in the tightest spaces and over the most intricate topography. Traditional processes use deposition techniques to distribute chemistries over the wafer surface, and rely on equipment capabilities. aveni’s approach harnesses molecular engineering to nanometrically grow and bind metallization films to the substrate molecule by molecule. No space is too tight, no surface too rough for aveni. As the industry strives to achieve finer geometries at tighter pitches, aveni is the only company that can meet tomorrow’s requirements, today.

Our Benefits

aveni’s novel metallization processes:

  • Support nanometric film growth regardless of topography
  • Fill ultra-narrow damascene features, at 14 nm node and below
  • Conformally coat TSV structures at aspect ratios up to 40:1
  • Achieve superior film quality with strong bonds
  • Improve yield
  • Increase throughput
  • Offer significant cost advantages
  • Reduce capex
  • Lower overall cost of ownership