aveni metallization
processes enable future
technologies, today.

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2017: A transformative year
for through-silicon vias (TSVs)

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High-aspect-ratio TSVs and
damascene pose no challenge
for aveni processes.

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Electrografting and
What are they and
when do you use them?

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Metallizing tomorrow’s dimensions

aveni enables future technologies with its innovative approach to metallization for semiconductor, MEMS, advanced packaging, and flex applications. aveni’s processes—Electrografting and Chemicalgrafting—rely on molecular engineering to grow metallization films molecule by molecule. No space is too tight, no surface too rough for aveni. All this, and the processes can be implemented on industry-standard equipment.

As the industry strives to achieve finer geometries at tighter pitches, aveni is the only company that can meet tomorrow’s requirements, today.

aveni’s production-ready processes give you:

  • Superior coverage on the smallest features at the most advanced nodes
  • Improved performance and yield
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced capex
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

About Us

aveni delivers innovative metallization processes that improve device performance and yield, enabling future technologies, today. Our production-ready solutions revolutionize the copper-plating process for damascene and TSV applications critical to semiconductor and MEMS device manufacturing. ...

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Management Team

Bruno Morel

Chief Executive Officer

Frédéric Raynal, PhD

CTO/VP Engineering

Vincent Mevellec, PhD

Sr. Director, Technology/R&D

Laurent Rosset

Chief Financial Officer

Gaëlle Guittet

Development / Engineering Director

Nicolas Laforest

Administrative / HR Director

Paul Blondeau

Technical Director, Asia